Ankle Sprains and Tough Love

Ankle Sprains and Tough Love
February 16, 2018 Fitness Chef
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We all get injured at some point in time. Whether it’s a stubbed toe or an ACL rupture, every injury needs rehab. This week I was specifically focusing on injuries of the leg and foot.

Let’s talk about a fairly common injury which can occur during everyday life or in most sports – ankle sprains.

Did you know the 3 different degrees of sprain? Knowing this at the time of injury could be pretty important! I’m brushing up these with my Open Study College Sports Injury course today! Here’s we go:

Grade 1 – mild sprain – mild pain with no swelling and full muscular strength. Rehab – ice and rest for 2-3 weeks.

Grade 2 – moderate sprain – moderate pain, tenderness and bruising. Rehab – RICER, anti inflammatory medication and rest for 3-6 weeks.

Grade 3 – severe pain – complete rupture of the muscle & tendon. Swelling, bruising and unable to put any weight on that limb. Rehab – RICER, anti inflammatory medication & seek medical attention immediately – surgery is usually required to repair the damage and rehab is around 3 months.

I got a little stuck on this section, but my tutor helped me simplify the learning objectives and now I’m pretty confident with it! I guess the foot and ankle joint has LOADS of small bones we don’t necessarily think about. Instead of learning this area well before moving onto the next module, I kind of skipped it! But of course, to pass I HAD to return to it at some point – not sure where my logic was there! Anyway, after one of my clients gave me some tough love during one of our early morning training sessions, I decided to revisit this section and get stuck in.

Needless to say, I’m now on top of ankle injuries! The great thing about this course is it’s flexibility. I’m always running around training clients face to face, online, creating recipes and making other content for my social media. So being able to pick up a module and focus for 20 minutes is great for me. Being able to go at my own pace has been a huge advantage for me

I thought I was fairly well versed in minor sports injuries, but I’ve learned LOADS of new things in this course to really add value to my service as a personal trainer and health & fitness practitioner. Now just the assessments to do!

If you want to gain accredited qualifications in health and fitness and learn in a non-qualified course such as the one I have done, I couldn’t recommend Open Study College enough. Here’s a link to their website…

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