Back To School & Learning About Sports Injuries

Back To School & Learning About Sports Injuries
January 10, 2018 Fitness Chef
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I’ve decided to do something I should have done a long time ago. I regularly train clients both face to face and online, so naturally at times some of my clients pick up little niggles, whilst others actually begin with an ongoing acute/chronic injury. Whilst my knowledge of mechanical movements is quite good, I want it be as good as it can be so I can be of oven more value to people trying to exercise and achieve their fitness goals. I’m certainly not going to be a qualified physiotherapist after this sports injuries course, but I will continue to be a quality personal trainer, nutritionist and recipe creator. Only now I can give better advice regarding my clients’ injuries, aches and pains. Sports injury has always been an area I’ve been fascinated by and having had a fair share of them myself over the years this course will actually benefit my training in the gym too!

I’m always amazed at how intelligent people simply do not know the very basics of nutrition for their fitness goal and the same can probably be said for the most basic aches and pains. Quite often we think we are injured or have ‘pulled’ a muscle, when in actual fact our muscle(s) is just tight and limiting our mobility or trying to stabilize a weak area of the body – a pull obviously needs rest and rehab, whilst poor mobility needs immediate and ongoing work to improve it. Being able to factually differentiate this from an actual injury is going to be extremely useful – I’m pretty excited!

The course I’m doing is coordinated by Open Study College and can be done from home – which is ideal given I’m pretty busy with all my commitments. I chose Open Study College because they are nationally recognized and renowned for it’s excellent student support. The course has no set time frame which is also great as I can squeeze in 30 minutes here and there and make the course fit around my busy schedule.

I was sent a comprehensive pack containing all modules, a study planner, a couple of pens, a notebook and a diary. It’s actually better this way because I can highlight areas I need to spend more time on or look at in more detail for the assessment. There will be assessments at the end of each module to show what I have learned and I have my own online tutor in case I get stuck which was a massive reason I chose this course.

I’ve just started the first module and finding it really clear and concise – which is what I like. Each module has in introduction to set the scene before delving into the real meat of the topic and concluding with key words to remember, a summary, assessment brief and task details. This is particularly helpful when preparing for assessments and making sure I refresh my learning outcomes for each module!

Check out the Open Study College course here:

Enjoying it so far! Stay tuned over the next few weeks for my next update!

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