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“I show people that they can get fit, lose fat and build muscle by eating foods they enjoy, as opposed to following a restrictive fad diet. The key is helping people understand a few simple things which will ultimately change their approach to dieting and make success stick forever.”

“There are so many generic, unsustainable fitness plans out there today. So I designed my Absolute Fit 1-2-1 plan to work with people closely and help them achieve, learn and sustain there goal whilst enjoying loads of my recipes! I believe it’s the most flexible plan out there – that’s why it works.”

31 years old

5 years as a personal trainer & nutrition coach

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Featured in mail online, The Metro, The Independent & The Business Insider

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I needed to improve my muscle tone, increase my strength, and gain confidence in how I looked and my physical capabilities. Graeme’s Absolute Fit Plan was perfect. The plan was tailored to me as an individual, my lifestyle, my goals. It was incredibly flexible and manageable allowing it to slot it in very easily around my life commitments and family. In contrast to many Fitness Regimes or Weight loss Plans I’ve tried in the past Graeme’s Absolute Fitness Plan NEVER felt a drag. The nutritional advice and recipes were delicious and easy to follow which I and my family thoroughly enjoyed. And the exercise plan had the perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment whilst enabling me to track easily how much my strength was improving by the sheer increase in weight I was lifting! I met my goals. I gained huge strength. My muscle tone improved. And I now feel so much more confident in my physical ability. Graeme is a superstar!

Olivia powell

Absolute Fit Client


I’m not quite sure Graeme realises what he’s done for me. I have an eating disorder and unfortunately had it for half my life. But, I can now safely say I am well on the toad to recovery and Graeme, through his encouragement and support has been such an amazing help. Since beginning my journey with Graeme, a number of things have changed. They have not just changed for the better but they have changed my life. We went through my goals and set targets. Not gonna lie, I was super excited to get started and start smashing the goals in the face. I like to think I’ve done just that! Graeme’s realistic workouts, meals and recipes were everything you need to get you on your way and keep you on track. I’ve never had an online coach before but having one there gave me the support, encouragement and drive to be a success. Not just for me but for him. That’s how my mind works anyway.
For anyone in my position, who wants to better themselves in mind and body, this guy will be there for you, no danger. Good luck to all in their journeys and thank you again Graeme, I will always have ‘EAT EAT EAT’ in my mind!

Ella Richards

Absolute Fit Client


Having now finished the plan I feel fit, and confident in my body. I’m now ready to set further goals for the summer with everything Graeme has taught me over the past three months – thank you for everything. The information provided by Graeme at the start was fantastic, invaluable for anyone wanting to progress their fitness/knowledge on nutrition. The guides were user friendly, informative and best of all, interesting! The plans are set out to meet your lifestyle and goals, therefore achievable. I already had a decent knowledge on fitness and nutrition, but I believe this has taken my knowledge to the next level. There are no restrictions on this plan, it’s about changing your lifestyle so it is attainable. No cutting out the things you love, but learning about moderation and macros. The exercise plan is fabulous for if you get bored doing the same thing time and time again, like me. There is so much variety in the plan, keeping you focused and motivated throughout. If you’re unsure on the exercises set, there are detailed descriptions and videos to help you get started. I would recommend this plan to anyone looking to start, or take fitness to the next level. The app which tracks workouts, nutrition, progress pictures, measurements etc is so easy to use!

Claire kilner

Absolute Fit Client

Jack Paton

I have just finished a 3 month training and diet plan. Absolutely can’t recommend it enough, I have learned a lot about food and especially about training. The training plans were easy to follow and enjoyable. I always thought I knew what I was doing at the gym but I learned so much. Graeme was always quick to respond to any questions I had no matter how trivial. The recipes are useful and quick to use. Easy to track with all of the macros included. If you are low on confidence or not sure where to start at the gym I highly recommend “Absolute fit”!

Jack Paton

Absolute Fit Client

Josh Hudson

I loved it. It really gave me that little push of motivation we all need from time to time. Graeme made the nutrition plan flexible where necessary i.e. I still ate out in restaurants, and was able to eat more or less what I wanted but compensated for that somewhere else. Counting calories really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and really helped me achieve my goals! The training plan was also brilliant. The sessions were usually no longer than 1 hour and in that hour I achieved a lot more than I previously did as I had a plan and a structure to follow. The recipes provided were also incredible! The food was quick to make and tasted amazing. The 1-2-1 support I feel, is where Graeme really excelled himself. He would always reply within an hour or so with knowledge bombs on fitness and nutrition which just pushed me to keep going and smash my goals.

Josh Hudson

Absolute Fit Client

Maarten Coghe - absolute fit

In the three months I followed Graeme’s program, I lost 6 kilos (started at 78 kg), I look better, I feel better and have more energy to do things. Now I also know how to make nutritional choices that fit my goals. Even if that means an occasional burger or chocolate at work! Previously, I tried a lot of diets, but did not find something that was sustainable long term. It was the same story with exercising. I lost weight during these periods but I was never satisfied with the way I did. Weight loss was not sustainable and eventually came back on. Enter Graeme – Fitness Chef. His program and guidance offered me the tools to actually improve and change my nutrition and exercise habits instead of following diets. Graeme gives you a good understanding of nutrition, why certain choices might fit your goals better than others, and gives you an exercise plan that is fitted to what is achievable for you, but challenging. Plus the most important thing: Graeme is always available if you have any questions, want to know more about something, if you have doubts or if you just want to vent or talk to someone about the journey.

Maarten Coghe

Absolute Fit Client


"I LOVED the Hub as it was easy to use and follow but by logging meals and exercise it also gave me that element of accountability which is what made me stick to the plan in its entirety. Graeme’s remote support was invaluable whenever I had any questions or queries relating to my plan and was always super speedy in his responses back to me."

"Graeme’s knowledge and insights into exercise and nutrition have been completely refreshing and have made me totally re-think my whole approach to food. There is no need to omit food groups or miss out on events/occasions or ban yourself for eating ‘this’ or ‘that’ it’s about simply understanding the balance, and understanding what your body needs in order to meet your goals."

"One of the best things about the programme is that Graeme is there to help 24/7 using the message feature on the Absolute Fit app. Such a friendly chap, loves what he does, and is extremely positive. Graeme wants to teach people, and therefore provides you with many, many recipes to complete your own food plan and lean how to get this to fit your macros. Whilst this may seem complicated at first, it soon becomes second nature."

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