The Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle


Buy all of our E-Books for one incredible price

The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide x 1
One Pan Fitness Food x 1
Sweet Treats Made Healthy x 1


The Ultimate Bundle

All 3 books for one low price

  • Over 150 quick and easy recipes packed full of nutrients
  • Effective workouts for burning fat and toning up
  • Nutrition hacks that will change the way you think about eating
  • All the tips and tricks to make sure you sustain progress forever
  • Learn to enjoy food and whilst staying lean and achieving the body you want!


The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide

The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide is not a diet. It goes against everything a restrictive diet stands for. What it is though, is a means by which you, like so many others already have done, can learn how to achieve and sustain the body you want through enjoyment and proven science. With over 70 delicious recipes, eating & exercise structure, tips on how to plan your success and understandable pieces of nutrition science, this guide is a real way to change things for the present and forever.

Delivered in .pdf format, my guide can be viewed on any computer, mobile device or in print.


Think Healthy Food is Dull? Think Again!

40 quick, nutritious recipes to get you healthier, confident and on track for achieving your fitness goals! Each delicious recipe takes no longer than 15 minutes and you only require one pan for all ingredients – it doesn’t get easier than that!

See for yourself just how simple it is to eat great tasting, balanced food that will leave you feeling satisfied, nourished and energized for hours!

Easily to cook meals for one or the whole family in the confidence that you’re always eating fresh, exciting food that you KNOW will help you achieve and sustain your health & fitness goal.


All Your Favourite Sweet Treats: But Much Healthier!

Ditch the expensive, high-refined sugar, additive laden treats you crave for my healthier, nutrient dense treats you’ll love!

All 40 of my sweet treat recipes are nutritious, high in protein, contain no refined sugar or nasty additives and most importantly, taste GREAT!

Swap feelings of ‘candy guilt’ for feelings of excitement and satisfaction in the knowledge that you can eat your favourite treats and still SMASH and sustain your health and fitness goal!

These recipes make awesome snacks for work, on the go or at home!


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